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March 30, 2007


Brian Theis

This looks rather interesting. I would really like to see these lights in action before we make a purchase. I think the cheaper lights might be the way to go, but it would be a shame if we spend the money on them and they don't do what we want or are not powerful enough to fill the structure. We also needto make sure that these lights will be compatable with the lighting system being installed. I know that there are two standards of DMX cable (3-pin vs 5-pin). Our systems use the 5 pin cables and a lot of the cheaper DJ equipment use the 3 pin.


Bill, look for the email I will send. Otherwise this will be the great American novel.

Bill C

good thoughts Brian. We do have permission to go ahead and buy one of the $100 lights to test it. we should have Dan bring one of the big ones down also.
i think you are right on!

tony germann

What kind of console are we using to control this? Is it separate from the main lighting console or part of the same system? I agree with Brian on seeing it first.

Also, I am also very curious into what the conversations are looking like for the intelligent lighting that you mentioned on March 26.


I too am wondering what's going on with the intelligent lighting post you made.

I agree with brian on seeing them in action before we do something. We've also got to think about complexity. Is what we're putting in going to be too much for the average person to come in and shadow and learn? Are we going to end up making it too complicated in the end?

I am ALL for sweet lighting, I just don't want to intimidate volunteers either if we make it too much.....

Bill C

It is all on the same console we use now.

We are currently looking at a set of 6 intelligent lights to start in that room. That would be an additional controller for those.

This room will definately be the next step up in training and responsilbility in both lights and video for our techs.


Also... We are defiantely leaning toward USED intels versus the right arm pseudo-intels

Bill Terrill

Okay, I’m going to way out of the box here and provide an opinion fairly contrary to yours. My perspective is built on the following premises/perspective:

1. I’m not a truss fan, I see truss units at trade shows and concerts as rigging for lighting/sound systems/banners/signage etc. They produce an unavoidable “industrial” look.
2. I believe the infrastructure must fit décor (often the opposite is the case) -- consider a cleaner look (i.e. standard ceiling/floor lighting/mounting). Do the trusses fit the décor? I know you’ve done the research so I might just be missing the décor fit/link. Do you want to spend $ to light trusses spend $ to light moods/performances/speakers?
3. You can never spend enough money on lighting! You will never create broadcast-quality video without greater exposure levels – i.e. better/more lighting. Will the Theater become the new “live message” venue for video recording? If so – the lighting is critical! Also, nothing changes visual moods better than quality intelligent lighting.
4. The average network studio has $300k in lighting. The lighting makes/breaks the studio on-camera look.

Lighting/video quality will have the greatest visual impact for the service and for future video recording. Are you spending enough on lighting? Products like the Studio Spot 250, Elation Design Spot 250, and Martin Mac 250 cost $2,500 – $3,000 per unit.

With the above factors I would consider cutting the trusses, reduce the screen sizes, and spend MORE on intelligent lighting and the associated controlling/programming unit. Then, I would greatly increase the sound budget (kidding)!

Keep up the great work on this! No matter the final direction I know we'll end up with a great product come launch date!!!

Jeff Boriss

YO! Great Question!
I think what you guys need to keep in perspective is that there are basically 2 different purposes for lighting ( i know that there can be more, but lets hang out with two for this post) In most churches you see two...Basic light so you can see stuff and then mood. WHen you're talking about lighting trussing which i would classify as mood i cringed at 32k. I would also like to know the purpose of the video venue (is this where it's filmed OR solely shown?) I do agree with Bill T (and i know that tom knows this) lighting is the difference in high quality live video recording/Imag. If you needed to spend extra money i would spend it there. ALso think through how often will you want to change the color of the trusses, i don't think it's that cool (it's actually my least favorite part of granger's setup) If it's not that often you could maybe just use PAR cans and tweak the gels for every series or something. Now i would look into those 1K LED's for lighting backdrops and maybe the new AWESOME risers! That would be cool, but 32k for trussing light i feel might be a tad irresponsible as cool as it might be, i'd rather spend that money to replace the lighting console and make it easier for the volunteers to use one board instead of two, or maybe get a few more intels. Now, i think that you should keep the screen size! (by the way the ones in the photos on my blog are 9x12 if you want to compare) HUGE screens are a must i think. Those are some of my thoughts...though i suffer from total SPACE ENVY!


i have to agree with bill t about the trusses creating an industrial look.

i don't necessarily think it would be bad, but it would def. change the atmosphere.


Who makes the $50 and $100 lights? I saw the cutsheet on the more expensive ones but nothing on those?

Renea Taylor

Bill, I appreciate you asking for my comment. I am really not that technical, but I believe lights assist in creating the mood and feeling of a service. If we can get the same effect with spending the least amount of money that would be a good thing. I agree with testing it out first and making sure it is compatible to our lighting board and with video taping. I believe if you give the volunteer the proper training, build on their confidence level, make the training exciting; he or she is more apt to want to learn something new and exciting.

John Mayer

Oh oh,

You opened up Pandora's box of opinions.

John Mayer says...

1. Used intelligent lighting is a pain in the butt. Lamps go pretty quickly as well as gears. Fixing them is expensive (Martin, Coemar, etc.)

2. You may want to consider Martin Light Jockey. Easier on volunteers as it is run from computer instead of board. (might also be cheaper)

3. Come and check out my new album "Continiuum".

4. If I could have Sean Bublitz on my tour I would. He is sexier than me.

John Mayer

John Mayer also says...

I'm down like the Titanic with the industrial look. It's Cooler than the other side of the pillow. Yellow Box could use a little spicing up other than Bublitz.

bill c

Hey John Mayer,

Once again, thanks for reading my blog. What a pleasant surprise.
I didn't know you were based out of Yorkville, IL now?

Jon Gross offers the LED Par that Chauvat has for $1600 for $450. I just installed 7 in my church with a warm filter on front... amazing.


who makes the 50 lights

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