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March 26, 2007


Martha Jones

This is very nice. However, the wine pouring...a bit fake.:)

Nice video effect though.

Ami Casto


All this lighting stuff is so amazing! I heart you for this!

Jeff Boriss

These are cool, i would be cautious though because they will still need a lighting console for intellegent lights or a board with like a million channels. Depending on the abilities of the Right Arm you will need a DMX channel for each of it's features. So one for the light to go on or off, one for pan, one for tilt, if you have a gobo rotator then one for that as well and/or color changer. That's about 4-5 faders PER fixture. There are ways to kind of fudge this and have all the lights reading from one fader and then reverse the commands for the lights on the opposite side of the stage but all those light have to be doing the same thing...same angles and colors. That's where the intellegent console is nice to have, it simplifies all that so you can program 1 fixture with 5 faders (channels) and control that fixture independently of the other ones with only 1-2 faders/control wheels. All that being said, we're going to be buying those as well! PS - let me know if this made sense, it does in my head.

bill c

I need to learn more about lighting.


I understand what he's saying.

And, you know what, you've got some of us around w/exposure to this stuff already.

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