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March 24, 2007


Jeff Boriss

Those look awesome! They look backlit? are there lights inside them? If so...that's awesome, if not that might make them awesomer not to mention that you could eventually put projectors in them and project the design that you have running as backgrounds as well. Yea, cool. It's times like this when i see what you guys can do there and get totaly space envy.
Oh, by the way thanks for the post about me, i really appreciated it.

Bill Carroll

They are backlit. There are three PAR lights in each box. One for each section inside. You can't tell from the pictures, but the center is dark red and the outside light red. (We can gel them in any assortment of colors.)
I think we are going to replace them with LEDs though, as soon as we get them integrated into our house lighting system.
We are making gobosright now so we can project the swirly CCC logo.

Gerald Dean

Man, you really built these up indeed! What was the point of building them instead of buying them? It seems like it would be hard to "match" them with anything else you might put on the stage. Just wondering.

Keep up the great blog.

scott thomas

Bill, gee that picture is recent because that's my amp next to the drums! I really like the drums up higher it helps me hear the drummer, or at least I am imagining that it does. You do have to look 'up' to the drummer, especially when he's the arts director {snicker}. I think they are spiffy.

Here's an idea, how about we put Eric and Elic inside the boxes and they make hand shadows on the front panels?

Bill Carroll

That's funny Scott.

Hey Gerald. We built them ourselves because we were able to do it for a fraction of what we would have had to pay someone to custom build them. We have very specific ideas we wanted incorporated with the lighting and stuff.
They are simple flat-black plywood boxes, so I think they should be pretty neutral to build additinal items around.
Good question!


Bill it does look great. I'm excited for a weekend to do lights!

Bill Terrill

At what point does the drum riser motor move stage right to the center of the stage, or do we have cables and grips for critical movement?

I must admit this reminds me of my portable 2' drum riser from the late 70's -- but CCC risers have lights! Did you know Dylan and I are both Acrophobic!

All kidding aside -- it is a much cleaner, far more professional look!

Oh, and I'll bring my megaphone to Easter rehearsal!

Bill Carroll

Bill T... you remember the days of Tommy Lee spinning upside down while playing a solo? That is next!

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