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March 22, 2007



Bill - Dude, I absolutely love what you're doing with the stage at the box. Can't wait to see it this weekend.

Jim Conders

Photos # 1 and 3.

Did the dude forget his guitar stand?

Jeff Boriss

AWESOME! I remember having similar thoughts when i first visited and now it looks great. Interesting side note, i was in a band in college and we made our own lighting board with residential dimmers and a cardboard box. We got par cans (56's) and crafted a 12 channel board and through creative use of extension cords and power strips were able to travel that entire summer all over the country using that cardboard light board (and a LOT of duct tape) so maybe it SHOULD be a requirement to be an arts director seeing as i am now one as well! anways looks great! good job bill and sean

bill c


How did that possibly not catch fire?


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