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April 02, 2007


I Like Webcasts

Is that a drumset in a baptism?

Is that a woman on bass with a worlock bass guitar?

Can you seat people in the courtroom & have the speaker preach from the bench?


On a serious note, how do you guys work with the 80% capacity "rule" with your lower tiered campuses? Looks like the facilities might not allow for expansion. Will each of these campuses eventually build their own building or move to bigger spaces? Just curious.


bill c

Great questions.
We chose this facility because it was literally our only choice to get into this community. The room seats 125(ish). They are currently running two services. They have hit around 280 lately (with kids). I am sure they will have to go to three services ASAP, especially after Easter.

There has already been talk of searching feverishly for other options. (Strip mall rental space, etc.) I really think, with the thousands of new homes that are being built there over the next 5 yeats the city will have to drop it's "protect our small town" attitude and open the schools to rental.

Otherwise, I think we have come to the understanding that this campus will have to move up the list to buy or build a building sooner than later.

There is no set procedure or order to facilities. We just look for the best possible for each campus.

Most campuses will eventually grow to a tier size where a permanent facility will allow thier particular ministries to grow to the next levels, but there has to also be a financial base there also to support that mortgage.

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