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May 24, 2007



I really like the stuff he had to say about doubt and how the Bible can handle it, but many times we can't. I think there are many Christ-followers who are too insecure in who God is to allow it to be OK for people to doubt and ask questions. It's a great video...

John Mayer

I love me some McLaren. He inspires me almost as much as Jessica Simpson and Bublitz.


My grandfather, a German immigrant Von Heilmich Manning Mayer always said, "Don't give me problems, Gibe me Solutions."

McLaren is very good at raising the questions and problems but not very good at coming up with a solution.

1. Naturally anything that is good (Hillsong United, Chris Tomlin, John Mayer, CCC, Gucci bags) is going to get duplicated and marketed. There is nothing wrong with that.

2. Unfortunately, not everyone can be as cool or as sexy as Joel Houston or John Mayer, so you have a bunch of churches that are trying to copy and create an experience. Nothing wrong with that, but kind of unfortunate since most churches miss the mark and end up sounding like a cheap cover band.

3. Propaganda vs. art. Very true. But most people dont' want to come to church and have people be honest. We like to wear masks. Just like most people don't want to go to small group and have people spill out their guts, I'm sure most people don't want to go to church and have a worship leader (or leaders) spill their guts and their doubts and thier honesty every week. Besides, if you did that with multisite, well, it wouldn't work because everyone has to do the same thing...It is not about the individual but about the Big Idea.

I love you.


Chad Jarnagin

I dig your blog man.

We have 2 campuses and looking to do 2 more over the next 5 years.


Bill Carroll

Thanks Chad.
I know your church.
We went to a couple "Worship Together" conferences there.
Thanks so much!

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