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May 31, 2007



First of all, you broke the rules. They clearly said no cameras allowed.

Second of all, I told Lucas that his shirt was not appropriate, but clearly he did not do the arm check to make sure his stomach didn't show. Amateur.


I know it's going to sound egotistical. But I came away from the experience knowing that if we had their lighting hardware--that we've got the people with the expertise already to do what they were doing and then some. I didn't see any design techniques or anything in the production itself aside from the hardware that was new to me. We've got access to and have had their professional level of training, have experience with everything they did in their production except for the moving lights--techniques, timing, video shots--everything. And we've got some monster lighting designers.

It was a great validation of wht we've already got inhouse.


Gee, Charissa. What did everyone in the world do before you came along to tell us all how to behave?

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