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July 28, 2007



Congratulations Bill!

Dave Ferguson

Bill, thanks for the last 10 years. One of the things we have all learned over the last several years is that there are two things we have to do well: develop more and better leaders and develop more and better artists. You are the best at the second part - developing more and better artists. I don't believe that CCC or NewThing would be anywhere near what it is today and neither would our influence if it was not for you and your commitment. Thanks! Dave

P.S. I gave you a few kudos on my blog too. Check it out:


Congrats Dude! You guys are doing a great job!!


I will always be really proud to call you friend. Blessings to you my FRIEND BILL!!

Mary Yep

You're SO much better than Kerry Cox!!
(remember how I was mourning Kerry?)

Gary Dole

So this must mean I'm 10 years older too. Thanks alot for that memory!

But seriously, you were and still are the right person for the job. I don't know if I ever told you that Cyndi and I knew the other candidate for your position, he was the music guy at the church Cyndi's brother attended in Minnesota. Not knowing him, but encouraged by her brother, we were hoping he'd get the job. I'm glad we lost that one. CCC won by getting you. -Gary


Thanks everyone!

Greg E


I wouldn't be doing what I do without your example, leadership, and most importantly, friendship! We couldn't have a better example to follow! Bring on the next 10 years!


Bill's Mandy Liptak! Congrats on 10 years at CCC!!! You've had so many great opportunities, and it was such a privilege to work alongside you even if for just a month and a half! I still remember feeling like I had accomplished something huge by just scanning a bunch of music charts on my first day as an intern. Haha. Thanks for all you do and hope all is well!

Mom & Dad

We can hardly believe it has been ten years either. When you got that first drum set back in Jr. Hi, we thought it would never happen. That was probably the last time that we ever sold you short. It has been quit a ride ever since. We are sooo proud of you.

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