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July 19, 2007


Corbett Reeves

So I'm curious... Will the the fact that this venue is heavy on tech feed the "churched" environment that you're shooting for, or does it now seem overkill? Will you often find yourselves backing off the room's capabilities?

Bill Carroll

Good question. We definately are deisgning this room to be more "reverent", but not compromising our commitment to be out on the edge. We want every service and enviorment we design to stress to the attender that this is a place where you will be pushed to make a difference and challenged to get out of your comfort zones.
We are definately looking to use the edgy video and tech to create a "digital stained glass" type of enviornment.

Gregg DiCecca

We have a 2nd service that we have been running in a video venue format to target the people who want a little more familiar environment, as opposed to our rockin' large auditorium service. I thought your description of Church for People who Like Church hit the nail on the head. I can't tell you how many people i think we've missed the boat on who loved the vision and goals of our church and the people of our church, but just felt that they couldn't connect with our contemporary service.
While you mentioned you aren't dividing along musical style lines - what do you anticipate the makeup to be? More of an acoustic set? I'm curious as I'd love to be able to expand the reach of our "traditional" service.

Bill Carroll

Hey Greg,

That is awesome to hear. Like you said, we hope this does capture those who want to get on board, but prefer something more "reverant". This service will definately resemble the "ancient/future" idea for us. It will be the most technologically advanced room be have ever built, but will contain elements that make people who like church feel at home.
The biggest difference will be that this room will be all teaching and worship. We are eliminating all of our funny videos we make and pop radio specials. In this room, the campus pastor will get up before the video message and say, "Todays message wil be based upon so-and-so scripture in your Bibles. If you have your Bibles, go ahead and open up to that. If not, the scriptures will be on the screen." This will also be the first room with a cross in it.

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