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November 12, 2007


Jeff Boriss

WOW, that totally sucks....but it happened to us out here in Michigan! It happened out first year the Tuesday before Thanksgiving...only we never got our stuff back. None of it! Nothing. Soo...if you have a trailer full of expensive stuff, get it insured. We got insurance on the trailer, literally, 2 months before it was taken. The insurance company was great and we were able to repurchase a lot of the equipment (and now we are best friends with a LOT of pro-audio/video companies!) Anyways, it was great to visit Church! at Bethany and i would encourage anyone to go visit it...and Portland is one of my favorite cities!

Matt Payne

You guys are welcome to come to Portland anytime!

I would also advise churches to park their insured trailer in a secure RV storage facility! It's worth the $$$.

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