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March 17, 2008


Candy Mannng

Had such a great time praising God with you this weekend. I will never forget it!!!
Thanks, candy

Did I ever tell you I have a 35 yr son that looks just like Tony? He lives in Manhattan and is one of the best sax players around. Has his own shop and works on horns for the pros. He makes the only hand made sax being made today. Has a factory in China that makes the base model and sends it to him and he upgrades it. Also working with Paquito R. famous jazz clarinet player from Cuba to make a one piece clarinet. His shop is doing great. He used to work for Sam Ash in N Y. You can check out his website
He used to play in church, can play anykind of music but he is away from the Lord now, kinda made at God--didn't see answers to why his Dad lost a business and God didn't heal me back when i was in a w/c...wonder what his excuse is now..i am walking just fine..ha! candy

Chris Heller

Great job band!

Randy Knibb

What a great weekend! Having just seen this from the audience's perspective (instead of the Band's) I must admit that I feel it 100% necessary to make the vocal ensemble a requirement from here on! GREAT job!!

It was a pleasure to have had the chance to worship with everyone this weekend!


ALWAYS love the band, but especially love the addition of the vocal ensemble! Hope you make their involvement a permanent part of the service! Awesome job folks!

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